Random Lotd

Title says it all. A VERY random look of the day. I’ve been running around as a sixteen year old slytherin student I don’t even know how to dress grown up anymore xD So I just threw crap together.  But I will say I love these boots I am wearing from Death Row Designs. Thank ya!  I got some freebie prizes from The Flesh Game, yup did it at 6:30AM, no lag, no people on the sim, but 5, zoomed right through it. It was interesting, but meh. Anyways!

Shirt: Dinosaur-Grunge Splat – Blood over paint (past hunt gift)

Pants: Somnia-Basic Jeans-Black (Flesh Game prize)

Belt: Forsaken-Leather Strip Belt-Plain (Flesh Game prize)

Necklace: Forsaken-Bird Skull Necklace with feathers (Flesh Game prize)

Boots: Death Row Designs: Loose Boots-Reg Knife Brown

Blood: Death Row Designs: Bruised

Armband: Virtual/Insanity-The Knife armband (Past Hunt gift)

Arm warmers: Virtual/Insanity-Warm me up arm warmers-bloody (Past Store Hunt gift)

Poses: Glitterati

[Everything else has been blogged already, thanks!]


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