Curvosity: Events!

Wootas! Curvosity is in two events! Hurray! I know right? I’ve been working myself silly! Between SL Crashes, Gimp Crashes, IRL, College, and so forth, I am dead tired! If you don’t like it then tough love cause I do! And everyone has different tastes!

4.44.444L even, 3 shapes=44L, 2 Shapes 4L.  I have two 3 packs, which I called Tripple Phat Rack for 44L and a one pack of two for 4L.  Stylin’ Card, Skirt, and Ear mod included!  Copy and Modify, no transfer sorry!  DEMOS are free! =D

The other event I am in is The Unknown Hunt, this was my second hunt for my store to join, when I first started a little shop! =D  The shape I created is 1L, plus you get a bonus shape! O.O! Two shapes for 1L with style card, skirt and ear mod! double wootas!

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