Kawaii Outlook!

Woohoo! Second blog post!! Yeaa! This time this one is better than the one I did earlier. o.o My background didn’t fritz out. Dunno what happened?! Anyways! More Freebies from hunts that is going on. Twisted, Fallen and Depraved and I think that is all I did in this post. o.o Anyways here we go!

Skin: JesyLilo- Autumn- Darksin J5 (Matte) (Wonderful.)

Hair: (Love) Hair  Native (banged)

Eyes: Beautifully Grotesque- Blue Mist Eyes (Fallen & Depraved Hunt)

Teeth: Skintimate- Prim Teeth (These are very cute)

Make-up: Beautifully Grotesque- Blue Eagle Facepaint (Fallen & Depraved Hunt)

Ears: Gauged- Elf ear (past hunt gift)

Outfit: Sn@tch- Kinston- (Okay here is where it gets tricky, This is a shirt, but Its long enough for ME to turn into a ‘dress’ )

Panties: Fameless-Slutty Slip Solid Panties – Black

Hooves and Tail: MV-Arcadian Avatar (Twisted Hunt)

Piercings: Kowp- Vindication

Arms: Pixels- Demonbaby Gloves- Black

(Note: The Prim teeth is not sold separately, its Skinimate’s new group gift, comes with the teeth, alpha layer and skin called Elena, free to join the group. Also a new skin for 75L called Rina)

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