The Next Big Thing Hunt item Preview

Oi! I know I was suppose to post this last night, but I was tipsy and feelin’ good so I didn’t bother. XD

[-\\Twat Waffle//-] is paraticpating in the hunt! =D

I have made two Bodliy Fluid Nomnom juice boxes that are exclusive for this hunt only! So get them while you can! The Flavors are exclusive. When I put the rest out, Sour Apple and Rotten Banana will Not be in the pack =D

Gina Juice is Sour Apple and Andy Cummings is Rotten banana. On the sides it includes the calories, what was in it and etc. =D

They are Unisex, female,  male, straight, bisexual, gay, transgender, whatever your preference is! =D My hint is in my temp store, we are currently building a new store =D I am number 15 in the hunt, but the hunt is WORTH doing. Awesome prizes =D

[-\\Twat Waffle//-] SLurl:

The Next Big Thing Hunt Blog:


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