Rounded and Sweet: Like a true Synnimonbun!

Wootas! Thats right ^_^! And its true! Why I am the only Synnimonbun! Rawrs and stuff, but wait, I’m a bunny so I murmur! =D In my human form, I love love love! JesyLilo’s skins. They make Syn look soooooo adorably delicious and kawaii like. ^_^ I wanna pinch her cheeks. >.>

The most part I love about the skin is how it makes my avatar look youthful and etc. My lips are to die for. >.>

And another photo ^_^ ! Thank you Secret Santa for the gifts that you got me btw =D

My outfit came from Panda Express/Spike =D

See what I mean when she looks youthful. ^_^ Has to be one of my favorite skins as of yet


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