52 Week Color Challenge: Gray or Grey

This is for Week one that I missed! ^_^ This is so much fun. XD! Srsly, I love doing the whole color stuff. Mhm, plus I look good. o.o Anyways here is a photo and my stylin’ card. Just a quick run down.  And ALSO! A new release from Onyx Wear!!

In the middle is the new release Oynx Wear: Black Feather Lashes! They come with Prim or Sculpt and Tattoo layer. Mmmmhmm! These are the first time I worn lashes of any kind. o.o I’m wearing the sculpt ones. The Prim ones are really nice as well. ^_^ I wore them first then switched back and forth.

Style Card:

Hair: Nightshade- Dreaded Falls-Lolita/Gray

Eyes: Repulse-Grave Robber Eyes – Grey

Lashes: Onyx Wear: Feather Black Lashes- Sculpt

Shirt: Jill-TYG-A-Charcoal gray Knit Shirt

Pants: Jill-TYG-B-Short pants

Gloves: Sassy Kitty Designs- Skull Gloves Grey

Shoes: Favole- Key to my heart- Grey

Piercings: Twat Waffle


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