Newness at Onyx Wear!

Woots, I do love this store. Onyx Wear. ^_^! So! Onyx Wear released some tattoos and these tattoos are boss. Mhm…they added more tattoos to the ones released last week. And I looooove the Empty Heart!  Woots! Its an anicent black tibetan calligraphy style tattoo. O.O

BAM! comes in all layers, this including the Tattoo layer for those selected viewers. >) Also the nipple tape is included in the package.

OW, also has another tattoo called Muertos Tattoo, its a full color Dia de los Muertos style sleeve and shoulder

Skin: Cstar- Freedom No. 12 (FAH gift)

Shape: Personal.

Eyes: Visavi- Infectious Eyes -Putrid

Shape: Personal.

Face Tattoo: Lee-me- My History

Teeth: XYR- Toothy Lip (Marketplace)

Belt: Cobrahive-P-Belt spiked w/o spenders

Pants: DillyDolls- Tartan Punk Pants Green

Shoes: Rerty-Comvers noire

Jewelry: Mariposa- Jewels- Severus pack. (Store closed)

Nails: Virtual Insanity- Basic Nails

Hair: Here Comes Trouble-Demo-P16 Black


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