Forsaken: Gear Grinder Bride

This store gets overlooked on Ivey’s sim. I do not know HOW, but I personally love this store that is on her SIM. Probably the only store that I enjoy going to and look forward to when it comes to anything. Vincent is a little sweet heart and works his poor fingers to the bone.

Everyone seem to over look the store called Forsaken. It sells Japanese related items, Skins, shoes, wings, and other misc items. Affordable prices including mens wear.    Sooo Forsaken is participating in Ivey’s fashion show called Inferno. And one of his beautiful pieces is this: Gear Grinder Bride. It comes with everything. Including the boots. Well besides my Fur avatar and hair. Ha!


>Sylin’ Book<


Kinzart-Lapine Black


Entire outfit exlcuding hair and nailpolish: Forsaken-Gear Grinder Bride.

Hair: Miamai-Nara Steel Grey

Nailpolish: Nightshade-Manicures-Light Pearl.

Don’t forget to be on the look out for the fashion show. =D Make sure you pay close attention to Forsaken’s items. Its worth a buy! ^_^  The Fashion show starts 7:30pmslt.


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