BC322 jammin’ with my Lotd!

Woots! I made it to the hair fair on the first day and lemme tell you its flockin’ crazy! Took me awhile to attempt to blog with so much stuff going on. Now to me some people seem to ‘suga coat’ the hair fair. Lemme tell you as I stated above, ITS A FLOCKING MAD HOUSE! Wtc does people have to wear 12k worth of crap! Bishes! Ain’t nobody lookin’ at you! Take your crap the flock off! Srsly!! Tryin’ to strunt your stuff, bish please! They lookin’ at the hair NOT YOU!   Anyways, I managed to get the only hair that I thought looked extremely cute to me. Even goes well with my fur avatar. <3 BC322! FTW \o/


>Stylin’ Book<


Hair: BC322- PinkxPink (Black) Headphones (comes without as well)

Avatar: Already blogged.

Shape: Personal


Shirt: Beauty Killer- Pink Skelly Tee

Pants: oRly-Unzipped Jean shorts (Medium)

Leggings: Leaks-Zombie got me black leggings

Shoes: HOC Apparel- Knee boots


Guitar Bag: Witch Babe/Blade??-Gig Bag (No longer available)

Necklace: Cobrahive-Nemi

Bracelets: Hermony-Studded Wristband (Black)

Bracelets: Primalot-Glam Rock Queen

Belt: N-creation- Fox Belt Female (Brown)

Fingernails: Pulcino-Girly Dot Nail No.7 (Pink and yellow)

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