Yesterday LotD and other goodies.

So, I’ve been slacking with my bloggin. IRL crept up on me without me realizing and I had to put off on my bloggin’ and store. D: BUUUUT, I am gonna blog my ass off later on so I apologize ahead of time for mass blog posts =D.

Fooor starters. Dilly Dolls has new relases that will come out or already out.  I took an interest in her pants and tank.

And I came across this jacket from another’s blog and I thought Holy Crab cakes! I want that jacket! XD I camped for this jacket while I was on WoW srsly. XD So enjoy! ^_^

>Stylin’ Credits<

Look 1: Fur Form


Fur Avatar: Kinzart Lapine Blk.

Hair: Here Comes Trouble- Dafnie-e2tp-3 Red.

Shape: Personal.


Jacket: Rosso- Original Riders Jacket (Snagged this from another blogs)

Shirt: DillyDolls-  Vanessa Camis Dark -Red

Pants: DillyDolls- Retro Tartan Capri Pants Red

Shoes: DUH- Women’s Sneaker Boots- Black out


Necklace- Ripe-Disco Red Cherry Necklace

Belt- Effum Ink-Alchemish Belt [Silver]

Poses: Rosso Chair. >.>



Hair: Deviant Kitties- Archie [Blacks]

Skin: Heartsick- Enchant Obsidian-Very Berry

Shape: Personal

Eyes: Hermony- MP Eyes- Emerald


Jacket: See above

Shirt: DillyDolls- Vanessa Camis Dark- Violet

Pants: DillyDolls- Retro Checker Capri Violet

Shoes: See above


Necklace/Collar: Primalot-Glam Rock Queen

Belt: See above

Nails: Virtual Insanity-Basic Nails & Rings

Gloves: Luckless-Riktor Gloves- Black

Piercings: Twat Waffle- Diamond Tears.

Pose: SA (Shopaholic’s Anonymous)- Whiskers

Place: Sinners Heaven Sim- Porn Shop. =D


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