:Industry District: The First fair of Exclusive items!

First off one of my sposnors for +|[Ethnic Oddities]|+ is throwin’ a bitchin’ exclusive item first time fair! I know I said that backwards. >.> I’ve been backwards today. And also, another sponsor of the Ethnic Oddities group is participating as well. BEAUTY KILLER!!!

Annnd you know me! I LOVE unknown or not popular stores =D And a few of these aer good awesomesause stores mhm….  TP to Industry District http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amberville/25/122/26 

First store is…Rabbit Hutch Clothier! Store owner Amsel Wombat! Wombat…-snickers- XD And her item is

Isn’t this so flockin’ adorable??

Next is from Beauty Killer

 Info: Beauty Killer – Spiked Boots: Platform Unisex
boots with spikes on the sides of the platform. Include a resize script so everyone can make them fit to their own shape. Also includes resize instructions and a pose stand. This item is Copy, No mod, No Trans. <3

NEXT!! Artifical Hallucination, awesome place that sales Fur items, neko, latex and etc. I actucally own a pair of her Nipple piercings.

Oh the store owner is called Raimund Demonia =D

Here is a pair of what her Fur digi legwarmers look like. o-o I bought a pair for my Brawen <3 Cause she is such a raver.

Last but not least is a store called, Industrial Kitty, store owned by Shadukha Durart. Stompa Boots Raver Digi =D They look cuuute.



Also! Don’t forget to join up at the Subscribo for Up coming news, releases and etc =D

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