Mixture of Chaos and Lotd

Its been awhile since I blogged ANYTHING. D: And I apologize for that. IRL has captured my interest at the moment ^_^ So excuse me!  Buuut I’ll be blogging a few items this week that I found to my liking =D  Sooo expect a little spamtastic posts from the bunneh =D

Here is a mixture of hunt items, sales, and just random items in my inventory that I through together. Which turned out to be noice. o_o!!

Mango, Mango, Sileny, took a complete 360 from neutral and dark themes to PINK. >.> Bright pink too. XD Since I had a booboo on my part and forgot to take off my make-up. >.>But its a lovely skin.

Stylin’ Card.


Hair: Truth-Layla  Streaked-crow (Hair sale)

Skin: Mango, Mango!- Party Girl Dark Freckles (Humpday 69L)/ YS&YS-Halle (Past The Dress Room item)

Shape: Personal

Eyes: Poetic Color- Spring Meadow (past freebie)

Make-up: (Which I forgot I still had one, due to RP)- House of Ruin-Lip Service-Vegetatrian (Freebie, still avaliable)


Entire Outfit: Squeek- A Smiple Bone dress -Purple (Top, glitch shorts, and prim/flexi skirt piece)

Shoes: Nightshade-Morte-Lolita Key Pumps

Socks: Sn@tch Stripey Socks (purple) <Either a Freebie, Lucky chair item o.o>


Headphones: Katat0nik (purple/blue/green) Ice-cream cone (Gatcha festival)

Necklace: LouLou&Co-Necklace (Zombiepopcorn hunt item)

Gloves: Sn@tch Fingertape (black)

Tattoo: Para Designs- Snakebite Color Dark

Piercings: Twat Waffle-Double Crossed piercings

Flying Contrapment: Dilly Dolls- Skully-copter (Also a Hunt item, Comes with HUD  can change lights, snake, and etc)

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