Tag team ghosts!!

[SMOTD] and Nightshade are two great stores, yeah.  Some of the stuff is for Syn and most isn’t ^^ But I haven’t seen Syn in a gown like dress. =D Thats where [SMOTD] comes in =D. Then night to long ago, Nightshade released an outfit exclusive for the riot board. =D Had to get that.

“Nightshade presents Perish”


 "[SMOTD] presents: The Tainted Taxidermist Gown Black"



Nightshade “Perish”


Skin: Ys&Ys-Halle Glow TDR exclusive

Shape: Personal Shape

Hair: (VW) London Import-Black Tones

Glasses: December Glasses No.46

Make-up: Tacky Star-The Lolligaggers: “Black Mask” Facepaint


Full outfit: Nightshade-Perish ( including Corset,Pasties,Socks,Shoes,Gloves,and Skirt.)


Piercings: Twat Waffle-Double Crossed

Tattoo: Twat Waffle-Before I’m Dead Tattoo

Collar: Cobrahive-Sureibue Collar

Prim Nails: Love Soul- Gothic Doll-Black w/ring


[SMOTD] (Show me on the doll)


Skin: YS&YS-Halle Glow TDR exclusive

Shape: Personal Shape

Hair: Fascino- Lucie, Sesame Black

Eyes: UH-Gemstone eye G04

Make up: Tack Star-Masquerade Freebie- Fuckin’ Around black eyes tats.


[SMOTD] The Taxidermist Gown Black (includes-shirt, pants, two different skirts as well as two different collars, black or bloodied white

Gloves: Beauty Killer- Von Teese Gloves

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