The Masks–Facepaint

Woots! I absoultly love these facepaint tattoo layers by Aura “F’in” Falta, owner of Tacky Star. Mhm…They are Yummeh!

The Red/Black Variant is only avaiable as part of the fatpack or as a group gift in the Tacky Star Army group =D

Here are a few shots of the ones I really adorable.



Styling Credits


Facial Piercings: Twat Waffle, Diamond Tears and Double Crossed, Mouth and Chin attachements, sold sperately.

Eyes: Hermony-MP Eyes- Emerald.

Skin: YS&YS-Halle Glow for TDR.

Top: League- Lifted TankTop-ColorBleed- High Cut

Collar: Cobrahive- Sureibu Collar

Hair: Mikan-Hair-2010LB_MOMO

Ears: Gauged- Human Ear -15/16″

Glasses: RC-Loser Glasses

Facepaint: Green, Purple, Red/Black, Blue, and Red.

The facepaint comes in many different colors. Such as: Rust, Gold, and Grey.

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