Bad Blood: Violent Seduction and Tacky Star

New Blogger Group, I decided to join. Awesomesause creators. Tacky Star, Violent Seduction, Aura Falta and Ikaru Aichi, are some wondaful creators. Mhm….

The photos I am wearing an Group Gift from Violent Seduction-Nymph (Celestial), Violent Seduction-Pan Hair (Pastel Colours), and Tacky Star- “Cloudy” prim eyes, brand new. I had a bit trouble with them even thouhg I read Aura’s instructions, but it does work. rofl.

[Styling Credits]


Skin: Violent Seduction-Nymph (Dark)

Eyes: Tacky Star-Cloudy Prim eyes

Shape: Personal Shape

Hair: Violent Seduction-Pan Hair (Pastel Colours)

Ears: Violent Seduction- Nymph Ears (Dark, comes with Avatar)

Feet: Violent Seduction-Nymph Hoof (Dark, Comes with avatar)


None.  I was nude.


Facial Piercings: Twat Waffle- Diamond Tears


Bubble, D!va, Essential Soul Studio, and Milty.


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