Newbie Style Challenge Part 1: Saru Lee

Lady gave me the name. >.>

Sydd gave me the link to the challenge via blog.

I came up with the rest. >.>

Everything here was basically off of Xstreet sort of.  Here goes. Meet Saru Lee.

*I kind of bloched the hair. >.> Excuse me, half asleep here*

[–Styling Credits—]


Skin: Heartsick- Yume: Illusion: Fabfree (c) (Free)

Shape: Twat Waffle-Saru Lee Shape (Freebie)

Eyes: Tacky Star- PurplePeopleEater Special: Vein 2–suggested (Freebie)

Hair: Kin-Freebie1-black (Freebie, get a pack of hair)


This entire set was from Xstreet 0L excluded shoes, tote bag, skin, hair, eyes, shape, necklace.

Outfit: Hot in black- (Freebie)

Shoes: In Her Shoes- Flip Blops back to basics! (Freebie, also color changeable)


Glasses: RC- Loser Glasses

Necklace- Rebel X – Free Strawberry Necklace (Freebie)

Tote: Niniko-Tote bag-Check (Freebie)

Bracelets: Hot Black (Freebie, See clothing)

Pose: Glitterati


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