Word from the Bun =D

Okies so I’ve been back for a couple of days! This is my second full day on SL. =D Or third. Which ever. >.> I am back peoples of if you still want me to Blogg your items lemme know. x)

Ethnic Oddities is holding a Ethnic Thursdays sale. 65L for your items. Rather it be one,two or three items. 65L.  Ethnic Oddities is looking for 6 Vendors. At the moment they have 3. Vanity Champloo, Twat Waffle, Favole.  Mhm.  But this is only an Ethnic Oddities group thing. =( Sorry. No outside vendors allowed. If you ARE apart of the Ethnic Oddities group then please send your Notecard to LadyAnjile or Synful.

[-\\Twat Waffle//-] News.

Sooo, I was thinkin’.  I am going to do a new series. You get one chubby/plus size shape and a slender shape as well. ^^ Going to sale those for 250L for copy/mod and 125L for transfer only. =D noice deal hm?? 

The first in the series is Nikki and Natasha.

Next up in my new releases, are Nomnoms and tattoos.

Bombpops!! I had these out for the Fourth of July, gave them out as group gift. =D Now they are 40L at the store. =D


Who likes AngelSpit? Oooh, Oooh, me!! I do!! Mhm….

Dip my tail in in blood ink

Write it down in red.

Scribe the words “Happy Meal”

Right across your head…


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