Meet Shyna Star

Dude, small rant before I get on with the show.  I have noo flockin’ clue wtc is going on with my SL, GIMP and myself. O.O maybe I am being overly whelmed lately. >.> With the grand opening of Midnight Kiss, going on Vaction and shit. Fussstrated! <—HELLLO! Annnyways, Yesterday Lara Skin released a new group gift a skin called Lucy. Its free to join so go get it. Its a really nice skin Love it! XD

I thought of an Asian ethnic when I saw it. o.o’. Dunno don’t ask me why. >.> My mind is oddly different than most. Srsly.

Shape only


Skin: Lara Skin-Lucy (Price: Group Gift free)
Eyes: Tacky Star- Hazy Daze (Price: about 25-40L)
Shape: [-\\Twat Waffle//-]-Shyna Star (Price: 100 copy/mod, 50L transfer)
Hair: BC322 Star Fest Pink (B) (Price: Freebie, Lucky board 5 mins)
Top, Pants and Skirt: BOOM-Harajuku Summer Dress-Strawberry (Price: Project Themeory 75L, Past)
Waist Belt: Waist Belt (Sour Apple)-Large (Price: Freebie)
Accesories: BOOM-Harajuku Summer Dress-Strawberry (Price: See above)
Shoes: Taboo Paris Platform Eiddtion set all (Price: 99L at the time.)
Alsoo I am working on different lights with the SL thingie so excuse the dark and wrong lightens x) Also I am working on new ways on how to different my style and etc. xD! Sooo noice right? Chaa

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