New Profile Pictures =D

Sorry yall I haven’t been really posting. =D [-\\Twat Waffle//-] has a new main store and its awesomesause!  I never knew that owning a business, group and etc could be soo tiring and hectic?  Soon I am going to be going on Vaction and plus I am going to take some time away from SL soonish. I’ve been having a bloody headache lately and it won’t go away. It usually goes away when I am away from the computer for awhile. =D

I’ve been in GIMP all flockin’ day! ALL DAYAM DAY!!! Don’t know if many knows but I do photography in my spare time =D Rather it be of me, friends or clients.  Welp! I did a profile picture for a guy that I work with named River. He is adorable. =D

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also made me a new profile picture for Midnight Kiss but I like it and I mayhaps keep it for my own. =D 

News from Twat Waffle, I created a new set of piercings called Double Crossed =D Next tomorrow mayhaps, I will post my Seasonal Hotdog Nomnom, comes with and without scripted and without the bun. Sold seperately of course =D


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