Love Zombie, Sybor love.

Okies, so I already made a post about this on Love Zombie has an awesome top, I really do love this top, I’ll probably wear it all the time now. :D One cause it shows a bewbie, you know I love being topless or nude or showin’ off my wondaful body or pasties. :D HEHE, that is another topic! Anyways Here is one of my many posts coming.

"I hear a voice inside my head...."
Model: Synful Ghost

This works from TOP to Bottom.

Hair: NDN- Daiki Hair Falls White/Black (Price-??? I forgot I got them on sale)

Glasses: K_gs 227 (price: Free at the time, not anymore)

Eyes: [T.P]-Mourn-Hunter (Price: Free at the time, not anymore) T.P=The Plastik

Ears: Gauged: Human Ear-15/16″ (Price: 150, not anymore regular price 300L I believe)

Mouth: Burning Chrome – Respiritory Mask (Price: Free)

Neck: Panda Spike-Cybor Neck Brace Sinner

Top: Love Zombie – NEW PMO7  TOP White, Comes in different colors, ( Price: 90L) Great for Cyber RP or just GREAT pierod, I love this top.

Pasties: Ticky Tacky-????? Unknown. =(

Tattoo: Love Zombie- Nevermore Tattoo (Price: Free, Hunt gift)

Navel: Sn@tch– Hypno Belly Ring (Price: 15L, discounted)

Arm: DV8-Zydrate Fix (Price: Free, Hunt gift and Freebie instore)

Bracelets: Sn@tch-Jeweled Satin Cuff (Price: Free, lucky chair, no longer)

Bottoms: Sassy Kitty Designs- Satin Opened Skirt (Price: ???, But it was on sale, no longer)

Shoes: Panda Spike- Cybor Stompers Sinner, ( Price: 300L, I believe…)

Skin: Abyss -Ama Garijus, Sunset Carbon, Bald (Price: 1000L)

Shape: Twat Waffle- Fat-A-Tude, ( Price: Not for sale, my own personal shape^^)

More photos at  which is my own personal Flickr.


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