House of Ruin Hunt

House of Ruin has a hunt celebrating Helena Stringer’s birthday, Going to copy and paste the notecard for those that don’t have it. :D

Happy Birthday to Helena …
Happy Birthday to Helena …
Happy Birthday to Helena Striiiiiingerrrrrrr …
Happy Birthday to Helena!

While planning her celebrations, Helena had a fight with a harpy, and you get to keep the debris … if you can find it :P

There are feathers scattered ALL OVER the Aurora Vale sim. 18 of them contain things I have made for you. They are marked with the shop name. They are priced 0L. I’m not giving you hints this time, because I’m a mean mean demon goddess. >:D

Here’s a *little* help and some tips, though ….

– There are 11 unisex gifts (green feathers) and 7 women’s gifts (red feathers). All are copy/no-trans. The unisex gifts are 3 exclusive colors of eyes and 8 colors of an exclusive hornset. The Women’s gifts are 7 colors of an exclusive skin, and each includes a copy of weirdly funky shape and emoter HUD for the fun of it ^^. The exclusive part of that means that I will not be releasing these in any form at any other time. I won’t give them out either. If you want them, you will have to hunt for them. I will get some pictures of them up on the my flickr and the blog, so you can see what they are ;)

– The first 5 (all unisex) are in the current mostly barren House of Ruin shop:

– ALL the rest are spread all over the sim, including one inside Helena’s Mausoleum, one in SchismPhrenic’s church, and a couple over by C&D Designs. Some of them will be very hard to find unless you are familiar with the quirks of the place ;) Here’s a starting place for them: 􀀆

– I have numbered them “_ of 18” so you can easily see which ones you have found ;)

– I personally don’t care if you use and pass around cheat sheets or whatever *FOR MY HUNT GIFTS*, but I do care about respecting other hunters. This means do not shout out locations. Ever. If you want to tell someone something you can IM them. And, in general, don’t be a dick. If I find out you’re being a douche bag I will have a conversation with the sim owners about it, which will very likely get you banned. So be nice.

Alright darlings, run along and play!

<3 Ruina

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